I’ve always tried to tip toe around the word “storyteller”.  The term feels so cliche and generic.

The reality is that a storyteller is exactly what I am.  I take peoples stories, their business, their non profits and ministries, their passions, hopes and dreams, and I share it through media.

Plain and simple, I tell stories.

Last week started with filming a nonprofit that works with the “working poor” to try to bring hope and assistance to those on the brink of  homeless. The next day I spent the day filming an artist who uses her huge online community to help inspire people all around the globe to tap into their innate creativity.  I ended the week filming an organization that bring awareness, support and advocacy to the latino community in Colorado.

I have the opportunity to be exposed to so many different stories in my line of work. I find, the older I get, that I’m so fascinated by, well, pretty much everything around me.  I love hearing stories about how people are overcoming difficulties, but I also love hearing about the passions and dreams behind someones creations. I’m also just as intrigued and inspired by watching people talk about the progress and victories in their everyday life.  What is that?  I think it’s the story.  I think that we all have one.  Sometimes its huge and defies what we’re told is right and true. Other times it’s just a slow climb upward. And still other times it’s just hanging on for dear life. But it’s ours.

Maybe that feels over romanticized.  I realize sometimes the projects are big corporations.  Sometimes i collaborate with businesses that are as run of the mill as it gets.  But we all feel a level of excitement when we are really stepping into something exciting.  I’m not a numbers person.  But it doesn’t mean that those numbers people don’t get passionate.  I may not know anything about Colorado legislation but it doesn’t mean that the people that are working in those areas aren’t excited about what they do.

The reality is that we’re all different on so many levels. It doesn’t matter what social or economic background we come from, it doesn’t matter the color of our skin or the skills we possess, and it doesn’t matter where on the political spectrum we land.  We all have stories. Let’s tell those stories, and lets listen to them as well.  Maybe we can have a little more empathy and patience, and hope for the people around us.

I hope I never get tired of telling stories.  I am a story teller after all.