It’s no secret that blogs are one of the best way to grow your brand, your business and your web presence.  I’ve watch, read and heard countless people talk about the benefits… 15 reason why you should blog, why blogging is important, 9 Reasons Why A Blog is Important for Your Career and Life, and the titles go on and on.  Yet, here it is 2016 and I’ve yet to pen one post or thought or article.  So here goes.

These posts will likely not be about tips and tricks for photographers or how to make composites or top ten Photoshop secrets. At least I don’t think so?

This will be where I post behind the scenes or projects I’m working on or thoughts or ideas I’m passionate about.  Maybe I’ll talk about how to prepare for a shoot or project.  Maybe I’ll talk about why it’s important for me to get involved in the creative concepts long before the shoot day.  Maybe I’ll give little nuggets of what makes or breaks visual content…  or may this whole experiment will just be an opportunity for me to exercise my poor grammar and typing skills.

Either way. It’s time.

So join me as I begin this process and hopefully refine and progress and grow and all the other words that associate with success and life and happiness.