The first time I heard the McHugh’s story was on the Robcast.  Which if you’re not familiar with it, is the podcast author and speaker Rob Bell produces. You can listen to the podcast, episode 99 here where Rob interviews Leith McHugh about “Rebooting your Life”

I dont want to go in to too much detail about their story, just my own perceptions and experiences. I had the pleasure of visiting with Leith and Aaron to photograph their home for Home Again- For the First Time, a story in the Springs Magazine.  The basis of the story is that the McHugh family decided to reset their lives after a series of extremely difficult situations devastated their family.  They literally sold everything they had and started over.  I dont know about you, but I have definitely had moments in my life over the years where the idea of just moving away and starting over had crossed my mind, but they did it!  Life is hard.  I don’t think there is anything we can do to prepare us for the tough seasons in life.  But sometimes a hard reset is great way to reboot and recover.  I’d encourage you to read the article and even more so listen to the podcast.

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One of the things that really spoke to me the most about the the journey the McHugh’s are on is just the very simple and slow pace in which they are rebuilding.  Many of the rooms in their beautiful and huge house are nearly empty.  All of the mattresses sit on the floor in their rooms.  There is very little on the wall.  It’s beautiful.  Not because they are minimalists (though they may be) but because they are taking their time. I didn’t get any sense of urgency in having their home finished and perfect.  They don’t have certain things we often feel are necessities. It wasnt because they dont want them or plan to get them or even “need: them.  I got the sense it was just because they were taking their time.  They were more focused on the reboot of their lives and less on making sure they had a big new tv on the wall and all the latest tech perfectly hidden to boot. A bed frame was less important than moments and memories and adventures that seem to abound.

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Maybe I can choose more adventures and memories and restarts over more stuff.  Yeah, thats the ticket.  Let’s work toward just being.  Instead of having.  I am inspired Aaron and Leith. Thank you.