Industrial Photography

Over the years I've had the pleasure of working on so many different facets of the photography. I've been in the studio and on location, I've photographed people of distinctions and the every day Joe. I've worked on large marketing campaigns and small business images.  The thread that ties all those projects together is the story. I tell stories. Colorado Lineman portrait -

the McHugh Family

The first time I heard the McHugh's story was on the Robcast.  Which if you're not familiar with it, is the podcast author and speaker Rob Bell produces. You can listen to the podcast, episode 99 here where Rob interviews Leith McHugh about "Rebooting your Life" I dont want to go in to too much detail about their story, just my own perceptions and experiences.


I've always tried to tip toe around the word "storyteller".  The term feels so cliche and generic. The reality is that a storyteller is exactly what I am.  I take peoples stories, their business, their non profits and ministries, their passions, hopes and dreams, and I share it through media. Plain and simple, I tell stories. Last week started with filming a nonprofit that works

Early morning editorial

I am a morning person. It's not easy to get up early in the AM, but over the years I've learned the benefits of crawling out of bed well before my family and sometimes well before the sun. I'd love to say that I spring out bed every morning excited for the day ahead. Most of the time though the motivation that gets me up

Out of our control

Sometimes things don't go as planned.  I seem to be consistently reminded of this in my chosen field. No matter how much planning and brainstorming I do, there will always be elements and circumstances that are out my control.  I was reminded of this yet again last night when I went out to shoot the "super dooper moon". If you don't know, last night, and

Words in a world with too many words?

It's no secret that blogs are one of the best way to grow your brand, your business and your web presence.  I've watch, read and heard countless people talk about the benefits... 15 reason why you should blog, why blogging is important, 9 Reasons Why A Blog is Important for Your Career and Life, and the titles go on and on.  Yet, here it is

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