Joel Strayer

Visual Content Creator

photo  | video art  | direction

Joel Strayer is an award winning, Denver based visual content creator experienced in video and still photography, design, marketing and brand strategy.  He is a visual problem solver and storyteller with an extensive portfolio and background working both locally and nationally, in studio and on location, as a solo photographer or directing a creative team.

“My passion lies within the strategy. I come alive when i get the opportunity to understand the entire scope of a project and determine exactly what will visually tell the story.  Sometimes a single image speaks louder than words.  Other times a 2-minute video captures attention.”  Helping his clients realize and execute their creative goals is how Joel brings success to his work and most importantly to his clients. He is dedicated and determine to help his clients reach their goals and potentials through visual creative content.

When he’s not behind the lens or in front of the editing bay he loves to live a life of adventure with his wife and two kids. “We try hard to expose our kids to the endless experiences that can be found in this incredible landscape.  There are so many distraction these days that fight our attention so the more we can teach our kids how to be curious and adventurous, the more we’ll feel like we’ve succeeded”   They can often be found backpacking the Rockies, exploring in their Jeep or bicycling around their local neighborhood and beyond.

“Visual content creation is all about telling a story, communicating a message, getting attention. That’s what I strive for in every project, every shot. I am not just another guy with a camera. My passion lies within the creative process. I am a designer. I am an artist. I am a photographer.”

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“Joel Strayer brings more than just his professional capabilities to a shoot. He is genuinely curious about his client’s business. This allows him to optimize his creativity behind the lens and uniquely capture the desired outcome of a new or existing project. The result is an artistic quality to the visual story all seized by Joel in a way that reflects his client’s mission.”

Alfonso Trujillo, Coblaco Services, Inc. CLLARO Board of Directors

“There are not enough words in the english language to express how wonderful Joel is to work with. He takes the time to understand what tone we’re trying to achieve, the vision we have for the images, and the audience that will eventually use see them. He’s creative, thoughtful and thorough. With Joel, every detail is considered because he takes just as much pride in this project as we do. He makes the models feel comfortable and relaxed, and he makes the designers (that’s us!) feel a part of the process. And of course, he makes everyone look dang good!”

, Design Rangers, Inc

“In the marketing/advertising business, I’m always looking for partners/vendors who understand our vision and can add to it. Joel is one of those trusted partners. He brings artistry and insight that helps make ideas and those around him better. No matter the photography job, I always feel confident with Joel. I recommend him highly. Plus he’s got these rad white sunglasses, so that’s a bonus.”

Steve Sturgis, Owner, VI Marketing and Branding

“Joel is a really creative photographer who has an eye for style and great design. His work speaks for itself, but if you want quality photographs and tasteful input on your concepts, call Joel FIRST.”

Jeff Caylor, Worship and Atmosphere Director • Recording Artist • Producer



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